Thinking of buying a curved stairlift?

Curved Stairlifts

Then one of  your first considerations could be whether you were thinking of purchasing a new one, a reconditioned one or if in fact it’s outside then it would have to be an outdoor one.

It needn’t be a trying process and when you think about the benefit of being able to stay in your own home it’s worth investigating and researching your possibilities.

The obvious benefits of buying new stairlifts are that all the components are straight from the factory. However, the other more aesthetic benefit would be your ability to choose a seat colour of your preference.

Most curved stairlifts are able to run on either side of the stairs, referred to as inner or outer bends. As a result, most staircases can accommodate a satisfactory installation.

Various factors come into the assessment process, such as the width of the staircase and the knee projection of the user when seated are all important points to consider. At this stage it maybe found that only a new stair lift would be the option.

We are able to offer new, reconditioned or outdoor stairlifts from most of the main manufacturers as we are not tied in any way or biased in our choice. The most apparent difference between the various manufacturers is the track arrangement. Some opt for the single rail whilst others choose the twin rail setup.

The cost of  curved stairlifts is based on a number of factors

Primarily, the more bends there are in the staircase the more expensive your stairlift would be. Other factors would be any special requirements for the user. Namely these could be powered options to aid the useage or things such as track hinges to prevent obstruction.

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