Reconditioned Curved Stairlifts

Reconditioned Curved StairliftsReconditioned curved stairlifts can often be installed on either the inner or outer side of a staircase, however, this does depend on the age of the stairlift as some of the older models do not have this facility.

The reconditioned curved stairlifts we recommend have been designed specifically to go on curved or more complicated staircases; negotiating bends, landings and corridors with ease. Among those are the BBS101, Minivator 2000, Acorn 80 and Freelift.

The slim carriages and rails also make them suitable for narrower staircases and when folded away leave plenty of room for other stair users.

Operating reconditioned curved stairlifts could not be simpler, with push button controls, or optional joystick it glides gently up or down the stairs with ease and the swivel seat makes getting on and off the stairlift very easy and safe.

Reconditioned Curved Stairlifts are a good option to save money

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